3 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Grow Your Business


What if building your business were as easy as 1-2-3? As a Restaurant.com partner, IT IS! Not only do we help you fill tables, we serve up valuable tools you can use for long-term growth. Best part, using them takes no time at all.

#1 Validate your certificates

Every time a customer uses a Restaurant.com certificate, validate it! Validation triggers a GOLDMINE of opportunities, including Verified Customer Reviews, feedback you can use (and respond to!), diner’s email addresses to drive repeat business and higher restaurant ranking on our site.

Validation is easy!

  • For mobile certificates, click “VALIDATE NOW.”
  • For paper certificates, call 1-888-905-4438 or 1-800-727-3776 with the certificate number.
  • Train your staff (and show them how easy validation is) by posting this Staff Training Sheet in your break room and using it for training.


#2 Update your restaurant page

Your page on Restaurant.com delivers important information that get customers to your door. From standout details, like menu and photos, to important basics, like hours and credit cards, this information makes it easier for customers to choose you—and love you!

Review your restaurant’s information

  • Go to Restaurant.com and enter your zip code and restaurant name to see your page
  • Click on “Menu” to ensure your menu is up to date
  • Click on “Learn More” to verify your details
  • BONUS: Click on “Reviews” to see what customers are saying about you!

Need an update? Our Partner Success Team is here to help! Simply call 1-877-640-1844 or email partnersuccess@restaurant.com with your current information.

#3 Change-up your program

The program is now more flexible! Customize it to fit your needs by changing the requirements of your certificates.


Build flexibility to better fit your business and achieve your goals

  • Adjust minimum spend. You now have two options for the required minimum spend to choose from: 150% or 200% of the certificate value. How to choose? Here’s our guideline:
    • Lower minimum spend drives more diners.
    • Higher minimum spend drives a larger average check value.
  • Change day-of-week restrictions. Since you know best the flow of your business, our program offers the flexibility to exclude certain day(s) of the week from certificate use.
  • Ask us for more ways to customize. From excluding certain holidays to focusing on specific meal types, talk to us about your goals and we can make adjustments to drive the right amount of diners…and deliver success.

Learn more about program flexibility and how it works for you in this blog post.

Ready to make some changes? Call our Partner Success Team at 1-877-640-1844 or shoot an email to partnersuccess@restaurant.com.

At the end of the day, we’re your partner—your goals are our goals. From serving invaluable marketing information to tailoring the program to suit your needs, we’re here to make it easy for your business to succeed.