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In a recent survey of nearly 1,500 smartphone users by SinglePlatform, 81 percent of consumers reported that they searched for a restaurant in the past six months using a mobile app, while 92 percent did so through the mobile web.* It’s a fact; the majority of restaurant-bound consumers are also mobile-bound consumers. As a restaurant owner, that gives you a huge opportunity to benefit from this mobile-centric way of life. Keep reading to find out how…it’s easier than you’d think

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Creating a marketing plan with a long shelf life is easier than you think. Here we are, two weeks into the new year. If you’ve made resolutions, you’re probably still committed to seeing them through… unless, of course, you bit off more than you can chew. So if taking on goals that are too lofty is the obvious “don’t”, then the way to ensure a far-reaching marketing plan with an enduring shelf life is to take the slow and steady approach

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The Value of $1


Remember this?  Remember getting your FIRST dollar when you opened your business?  Remember how excited that made you?  You held that dollar in such high regard that you put it out on display for years to come!  It was symbolic proof that all your hard work and preparation to open your restaurant resulted in a customer willing to spend money on your creation.  Without somebody coming in and spending that first dollar, your restaurant would never officially be operable.  What a great symbol!  What a great feeling!  What a great lesson!

Read Post loves to share ideas and information with restaurant operators.  Here’s the scoop on some trends that are sure to hit the industry this year. Advertising in Social Media: The secret is out.  Social media is as useful in advertising as it is for social networking.  Investing just a few hundred dollars a month in social media advertising can go a long way. 

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